Hornsby Fresnel Lens Bollard

Low level cost efficient illumination, head sections in die cast aluminium with direct buried post and fresnel lense. Public Works approved.


  • Cast aluminium head
  • Post 120mm dia aluminium, direct buried type
  • Lens high impact acrylic fresnel lens
  • Powdercoat finish standard colours - Black or Green
  • Integral control gear
  • Stainless steel fixings


Catalogue No Lamp Type Wattage
CL160HBL-9PL PL 9watt
CL160HBL-18PLC PLC 18watt
CL160HBL-26PLC PLC 26watt
CL160HBL-50MV Mercury Vapour 50watt
CL160HBL-80MV Mercury Vapour 80watt
CL160HBL-50HPS High Pressure Sodium 50watt
CL160HBL-70HPS High Pressure Sodium 70watt
CL160HBL-35MH Metal Halide 35watt
CL160HBL-10LED E27 360 Degree LED lamp 10 watt
CL160HBL-15LED E27 360 Degree LED lamp 15 watt
CL160HBL-20LED E27 360 Degree LED lamp 20 watt


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