The Zen - Adjustable

A recessed rectangular adjustable downlight, featuring a telescopic orientation from flat vertical beam spread to 80 degrees in the horizontal plane. Manufactured in quality die-cast aluminium with toughened safety glass visor.

This luminaire is a highly functional fixture that utilises either halogen or H.I.D. lamp sources.



  • Body and ceiling trim in die-cast aluminium.
  • Toughened clear safety glass visor, 3mm thick
  • Reflector in pure aluminium anodised with semi-specular finish.
  • Hinged front visor in die cast aluminium
  • Lampholder porcelain Rx7s
  • Powdercoat polyester finish - White
  • Cables in high temperature silicon


Catalogue No Lamp Type
CL9535-1 200watt R7s Halogen
CL9535-2 70 watt RX7s Metal Halide
CL9535-3 150watt RX7s Metal Halide



  • Retail outlets
  • Window displays
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Wall High Lighting
  • Car Showrooms
  • Airport Terminals


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