Lumalux - CE

A high performance range of luminaries, Lumalux CE application for surface, ceiling mounting, Lumalux WA application for surface, wall mounting.

One piece die-cast aluminium base with hinged removable front access door, for ease of lamp replacement and maintenance.


  • Body in one piece die-cast aluminium
  • Die cast aluminium hinged front fascia
  • Diffuser panel
    - 6mm Thick toughened clear glass visor
  • High quality aluminium reflector
  • Neoprene gasket
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Integral control gear
  • Colours available - Lumalux CE - Finish White
  • ACCESSORY Available - Photo electric cell


Catalogue Numbers
LUMALUX - CE (Canopy – Ceiling Mount)
Mercury Vapour High Pressure Sodium Metal halide
CL/LCE573-175W-MV CL/LCE573-150W-HPS CL/LCE573-150W-MH
CL/LCE573-250W-MV CL/LCE573-250W-HPS CL/LCE573-250W-MH
CL/LCE573-400W-MV CL/LCE573-400W-HPS CL/LCE573-400W-MH

NOTE:- Accessory Available Photo electric cell to order(add P.E. after code number



  • Shopping Centres
  • Industrial developments
  • Prisons/Detention Centres
  • Loading Docks
  • Car Parking Stations
  • Service Stations


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