The Vandalier Range - VL.S 225 - Large Square

A range of vandal resistant bulkheads bother circular and square styles, suitable for H.I.D Lamps, with aluminium bodies and Ultra violet resistant, durable prismatic polycarbonate visors.


Body in high quality aluminium
Corrosion resistant
Specular aluminium reflector
Durable prismatic pattern UV stabilised polycarbonate visor
Neoprene gasket
Stainless steel fixings
Integral control gear
Standard powdercoat finishes – White or Silver


Catalogue Numbers    
VL.S 300 Series (Large Square)     
Mercury Vapour High Pressure Sodium Metal Halide
CL-VLS300-80W-MV CL-VLS300-50W-HPS CL-VLS300-70W-MH
CL-VLS300-125W-MV CL-VLS300-100W-HPS  CL-VLS300-100W-MH
CL-VLS300-175W-MV CL-VLS300-100W-HPS CL-VLS300-150W-MH


NOTE:- Low Pressure sodium & multiple compact fluorescent PLC models available



  • Car Parking stations
  • Garages and Service Stations
  • Factories
  • Security/ Surveillance
  • Loading Docks
  • Schools


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