Electra 1 Wide Beam Floodlight

Wide beam floodlight. Die cast aluminium body. Finished in black polyester powdercoat.


  • Fixture with unique fascia closing system with extruded aluminium clips for ease of maintenance, (No tools required for lamp replacement)
  • Body in die cast aluminium
  • Tempered safety glass visor
  • Neoprene gasket
  • Reflector in pure aluminium, peened finish
  • Control gear housed integrally
  • Trunnion bracket galvanised and powdercoat finished


Catalogue No Lamp Type - High Pressure Sodium
CL-EFI-150S 150w SON-T
CL-EFI-250S 250w SON-T
CL-EFI-400S 400w SON-T
Catalogue No Lamp Type - Metal Halide
CL-EFI-150M 150w HQI-T
CL-EFI-250M 250w HQI-T
CL-EFI-400M 400w HQI-T



  • Car Parks
  • Security Areas
  • Building Facades
  • Sign Illumination


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