Rondo Narrow Beam Spot Light

Narrow beam spot light, die cast aluminium body. Finished in white or silver powdercoat.


  • Fitting can be positioned in either vertical or horizontal mounting position
  • Die cast aluminium body with stainless steel fixing
  • Toughenedsafety glass visor
  • Silicon gasket
  • Reflector in pure aluminium, peened finish
  • Control gear housed integrally
  • Trunnion bracket in galvanised and powdercoat finish


Catalogue No Lamp Typ- Metal Halide Colour
CL-RSLW-70M-4 70watt Rx7s 4000*K White
CL-RSLW-70M-3 70watt Rx7s 3000*K White
CL-RSLW-100M-4 100watt Rx7s 4000*K White
CL-RSLW-100M-3 100watt Rx7s 3000*K White
CL-RSLW-150M-4 150watt Rx7s 4000*K White
CL-RSLW-150M-3 150watt Rx7s 3000*K White



  • Display lighting (both external and internal)
  • Sign illumination
  • Architectual highlights
  • Churches
  • Monuments


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