The Alien LED HIgh bay is IPART Approved. The Alien has the option of Remote Control Mcrowave Sensor with dimming function and a daylight sensor with stand-by dimming all operated by Remote Control.


  • IP65 Rated
  • Alloy + PMMA/Glass
  • Philips SMD 3030 LED Chips
  • Mean Driver included
  • IPART Approved
  • 2 Metre flex and plug
  • 120 Degree Beam Angle
  • Built-in adjustable daylight sensor
  • Automatic dimming with infared remote control
  • Remote control Microwave Sensor
  • Powdercoat finish Black
  • Avaiable Hook or surface mounting
  • 366mm diameter, 223mm High with hook
  • 5 year Warranty


Catalogue NUmber Wattage Lumen Output Colour Temperature e
CL-ALHB-100W 100 Watt 13,000 Lm 5,000K 
CL-ALHB-150W 150 Watt 19,500 Lm 5,000K
CL-ALHB-200W 200 Watt 26,000Lm 5,000K
CL-ALHB-240V 240 Watt 31,200 Lm 5,000K



Remote Control Microwave Sensor/ Dimming Function   MC054V RC & MH 01

  • Sensor parameters can be set by remote contorl
  • Mounting Height up to 15m max
  • Waterproof Sensor IP65 Rated
  • Built-in Adjustable daylight sensor
  • Automatic dimming when used in conjuction with 1-10V dimmable control gear

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