Acrylic Lock Neck Smoke Spheres

Exterior Acrylic Clear or Smoke Sphere Post Bollard Light IP44 is a very economical ,professional and attractive post top which is designed to provide a beautiful complimentary finish to any bollard post.

This sphere  can accommodate  E27  bulbs and is capable of delivering high light reflection and illumination. It also features an IP44 rating which allows for it to be used in changing and exposed weather conditions.


Sphere is manufactured in Acrylic with a lockneck and availalbe in  Smoke (S) or Clear (C) depending on desired effect. Complete with a base constructed from black polycarbonate, this light is designed suitable for use with a 60mm outside diameter post. We have PVC or Aluminium powdercoated posts available to suit this sphere.


  • This light takes E27 75W globes.


  • Polycarbonate base Finish: Black
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Spheres available in Smoke  and Clear 


Sphere Size Smoke Sphere Clear Sphere
200mm CL200-S-A-LN-ES  NA
250mm CL250-S-A-LN-ES NA
300mm CL300-S-A-LN-ES NA
350mm CL350-S-A-LN-ES CL350-C-A-LN-ES


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