Pillar Wall Mount Opal Spheres

The Sphere is mounted on a cast aluminium bracket that can be mounted in virtually any position (i.e. wall, ceiling or column). Designed to complement either post top or pendant mounted spheres, with a vandal resistant opal polyethylene sphere


  • Body in die cast aluminium
  • Wall bracket in die-cast aluminium
  • Visor in opal polyethylene 
  • Integral control gear
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Vandal Resistant and Graffitti proof


Catalogue No Diameter MaxWattage Visor
CL9125 250x400(L) 40w Opal
CL9130 300x450(L) 50w Opal
CL9135 350x500(L) 80w Opal
CL9240 400x550(L) 125w Opal
CL9245 450x600(L) 150w Opal
CL9250 500x650(L) 150w Opa
CL9255 550x700(L) 250w Opal


Control Gear Available 
Led lamp 15watt E27 LED 1,400Lumen output 5K 
Mercury Vapour 50w,80w,125w,250w
High Pressure Sodium 50w,70w,150w
Metal Halide 70w,100w,150w
PL 7w,9w,11w
PLC 13w,18w,26w



  • CL/IPL Internal polished mirror louvre assembly (Please order separately)


  • Columns
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Wharfs



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