The Avenue Large

Avenue Large IP65 rated streetlight. Offers a very economical and efficeint light source. Stylish body powdercoat finish Grey with toughened safety glass visor.


  • Body in is die cast aluminium
  • Reflector system in pure anodized aluminium
  • Visor in toughened safety glass with anti-loss safety hinge for ease of maintenance
  • Silicon gasket
  • Internal control gear chamber
  • Unique spigot apparatus, adjustable for 48mm - 60mm diameter vertical or horizontal poles
  • IP65 Rated
  • Lampholder E40


Catalogue No Lamp Type - Mercury Vapour
CL-SL-59B-250MV 250watt M/V E40
CL-SL-59B-400MV 400watt M/V E40
Catalogue No Lamp Type - High Pressure Sodium
CL-SL-59B-250S 250watt SON-T-E40
CL-SL-59B-400S 400watt SON-T-E40
Catalogue No Lamp Type - Metal Halide
CL-SL-59B-250MH 250watt HQI-E - E40
CL-SL-59B-400MH 400watt HQI-T - E40
Catalogue No VS LED Module
CL-SL-59B-74-LED 74watt LED 8,670 Lumen Output
CL-SL-59B-112-LED 112watt LED 11,100 Lumen Output
Catalogue No LED E27 Corn lamp
CL-SL-59B-35L 35watt LED 360 degree lamp 3,500 Lumen output


NOTE: Add (PE) after catalogue number for Photo electric cell


  • Car Parks
  • Roadways
  • Industrial Estates
  • Bridges
  • Intersections


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