Isoplex Mini

Die cast aluminium environmental horizontal area lighter, full cut off optics for minimal spill light, Powdercoat finish in black IP 65


  • Cast aluminium one piece body
  • Reflector in high purity aluminium formed for precise light control
  • Lens assembly with toughened safety glass
  • Thermal and shock resistant - In a hinged cast aluminium frame
  • Silicon gasket
  • Integral control gear
  • Adjustable cast aluminium spigot adaptor
  • Suit 60mm x 100mm high spigot
  • Wall mount version available
Catalogue Nuber Lamp Type


57 Watt D/TE Electronic


80watt MV - E27
CL-IP326-3 125watt MV - E27
CL-IP326-4 70watt HQIE - E
CL-IP326-5 100watt HQIE - E
CL-IP326-6 150watt HQIE - E
CL-IP326-7 70watt SON-E - E27
CL-IP326-8 100watt SON-E - E27

150watt SON-E - E40



  • Shopping malls
  • Car parks
  • Architectural landscape lighting
  • Sports complexes
  • Street lighting

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